Hey! I’m Joe Sixpack and the genius (lol) behind this little apostolate. Well… actually I’m not the genius behind this apostolate—God is. But since I’m not a genius, God was kind enough to give me a job title to make me feel a bit better. My job title is The All-Being Master of Time, Space & Dimension. Don’t get all excited. This just means I’m His Western Marketing Agent. Translation: Peon.

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I really want to introduce you to Jane Sixpack, my niece. The reason I brought her on board is, one day I got an email from her. She wrote, “Hey, Uncle Moron, you don’t have any idea how to communicate with the fairer members of the Catholic faith. Since I don’t want to see you blow this gig, I’m going to help you out. So scoot over!” I don’t get no respect! (apologies to Rodney Dangerfield)

You ladies will love Jane. She’s astoundingly intelligent, stunningly beautiful, and incredibly witty and charming. Of course, she obviously takes after her Uncle Joe’s side of the family. All right, all right. A guy can dream, can’t he?

So if you want to learn all about Jane Sixpack, just
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