If you’re like most people, the first question you’re asking yourself is, “Just who IS this Jane Sixpack?” You’re in luck. I have lots to tell you!

I’m a wife. I’m a mother. And once, I was neither of these things. I am a convert to the Catholic faith, but I spent years in a Protestant church. I have degrees to my name, but I stay at home. I’ve worked in higher education and in a factory. I’ve been a waitress and a lab tech. I have medical training, but I’m no doctor. I’ve catered large events and I’ve been on public assistance. In short, I’m YOU. I’ve been at nearly every end of the spectrum in life, and it has provided a unique perspective for me to listen to others. I understand you because I have been there, too.

I don’t have formal training when it comes to the Faith. All I really have is a deep longing for the truth and an intense desire for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. But isn’t that what we as women really want? We want someone who understands our need for deep, meaningful connections. Having the truth is so very important, but even more so is the relationship that truth creates. That’s what I’m here to help you with.

We as women have so much to do. It’s like going to a buffet and trying to pile more food onto a plate that’s already overflowing- eventually, food falls on the floor. I’m here to help you decide which foods are good and which ones aren’t worth your time so that you’re not left cleaning the floor when you should be eating.

So, just who is Jane? I am you. And that’s why I exist- to be here for you. I hope you take a look around at the resources from Joe and myself. Drop us a line. We’re happy to answer questions. Most importantly, remember you don’t have to figure this out all alone.