The United Nations and the Catholic Church


What did the United Nations do to destroy the Church?

The United Nations has done a great deal to attack the Church, especially since late 2013 and early 2014. While I admit to not being able to locate all my documentation (I’m not the most organized person in the world), I can site some instances that should be of grave concern for all Catholics. For example, in February of 2014, the UN demanded that the Holy See submit itself to UN authority in matters pertaining not only to children’s rights but also to homosexuality and abortion.

The United Nations demands the Catholic Church make changes to Canon Law to bring it into conformity with policies and ideology of guess who?—the United Nations.

A UN committee formed to investigate (read “clamp down” on the Church) recommended that the Holy See undertake a comprehensive review of its normative framework, in particular Canon Law, with a view to ensuring its full compliance with UN policies and ideologies. In other words, the Catholic Church must bend Her knee to the authority of the United Nations.

The UN demands that Catholic schools alter their textbooks to eliminate “gender stereotypes."

This fact is very telling: The UN tells the Catholic Church to eliminate "baby boxes," those boxes next to orphanages where women who cannot care for their newborns make sure that they will be raised and nurtured. What's the alternative to a "baby box?" None, other than abortion, which is what the United Nations aggressively promotes worldwide with U.S tax dollars.

The UN told the Holy See that to be pro-life and oppose all forms of abortion is to support a form of psychological and physical torture for women. The UN again demanded the Church change Her teachings on abortion.

The most important thing to note, in my opinion, is that only the Catholic Church is under attack from the UN on these issues, despite that we are not alone in teaching against homosexual activity, abortion and contraception. This is a diabolical attack on the one true Church. Apparently the UN recognizes it isn’t necessary to go after other religious bodies on these issues, as they know that if they can force the Catholic Church into submission the rest of the religious world will fall like a house of cards.

I hope this answer is sufficient for you. Although there are many reliable resources available, if you want a resource that is both reliable and timely when it comes to keeping an eye on Church and UN relations I would recommend the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights.
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