Newly Graduated Nurse Practitioner, Part 1


Congratulations to the Sixpacker who just graduated as a Nurse Practitioner! But this new Nurse Practitioner has a burning moral question about actually practicing as a new Nurse Practitioner. Even though this doesn't apply directly to the vast majority of you, I'm confident enough in your intelligence to believe you'll figure out the ways it applies to you all indirectly.


Good day! I’m a newly graduated Nurse Practitioner (I still need to take and pass my boards), but I’ve had a burning question regarding providing contraception as a practitioner. I’m so happy to be learning more than I ever imagined possible about my faith, yet now I feel that by providing contraception to my future patients, doing so would be a sin. However, not all of my patients will be Catholic, and probably many won’t even believe in God. I’m hoping to attend a seminar in the future for education as a provider to educate patients on Fertility Awareness-Based Methods. I guess I just want to know if I’m doing wrong (sinning) by providing that type of care to people? Thank you for hopefully answering my questions and thank you for making all of this knowledge available!


Hi, XXXXXX! And congratulations on your recent graduation!

Sin applies to
ALL people—Catholic and non-Catholic alike. Yes, you’re absolutely correct, providing contraceptives to your patients would be mortal sin. I would recommend you begin studying the downloadable manual here:
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