How do we know the angels exist?


Well, let’s start with who the angels are not. They aren’t the souls of our loved ones, which is the popular opinion of the entertainment media, such as Clarence in It’s a Wonderful Life.

The angels are pure spirits who possess intelligence and free will. They have no body, but God has seen fit at various times throughout history to allow angels to assume a physical presence in dealing directly with man. (cf. the book of Tobit, Genesis 18 and 19) Also, the angels are more perfect than we are and more like God, because they are pure spirits. This makes them superior to us in the order of creation.

The existence of angels has been revealed to us through the Bible and Sacred Tradition, which is the totality of divine revelation. The Bible is chock full of angelic references: Luke 1:11-20; 2:9-13; 22:43; Matthew 1:20; 2:13; 2:19; Acts 8:26; 10:3; 12:7 and loads more in Revelation and the Old Testament.

God made all the angels good, but some became evil and rebelled against Him when He tested them (II Peter 2:4). These rebellious angels are called devils, evil spirits, or demons. God cast them into hell for their disobedience. Because they have become enemies of God, the demons desire to harm us by tempting us to sin against God. We can resist them, though; not of ourselves, but with God’s help (I Peter 5:8-9).

God granted the faithful angels the same reward He will give to us if we persevere in serving Him well; that is, the reward of the eternal happiness of heaven where we will live with the angels to see God as He truly is, and to love and adore Him forever.

The good angels pray for us, protect us, and serve us as guardian angels (Psalm 91:11). At the moment God creates each human soul, He assigns to us a guardian angel to be with us in this life and throughout all eternity. Our guardian angel protects us from spiritual dangers, guides our minds to know what is right, prays for us, and presents our prayers to God. Although our guardian angel is superior to us in the order of creation, he serves us in this life and will continue to be our servant in heaven. This is the way of God: that the least shall be first, and the greatest becomes the servant of all. (cf. Tobit and Matthew 18:10)
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