Are You a Pervert?

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I thought that title would get your attention. No one likes to think of himself/herself as a pervert. When we hear the word “pervert,” images of some strange man with various sexual deviancies lurking in the shadows comes to our minds.

At best, it is uncharitable to call someone a pervert. These days, it is also unimaginably politically incorrect to use the term pervert. However, perversions do exist and people who commit perversions are indeed perverts. Just because something is unpleasant in the way it sounds and in its usage doesn't change the reality of what it is. For accuracy’s' sake, though, we need to define exactly what perversions and perverts are.

Let's examine the physiological aspects of human nature and the perversions of it.

God created the human body as two sexes. The reason for the two sexes is because they were made to procreate. That is the only purpose of the human body. After all, God could have made us the way He did the angels—pure spirit and no body. But He chose to create us in such away as to allow us to cooperate with Him in the generation of human life.

Since the human body in its nature is made for procreation, homosexual acts are disordered and perversions of nature. Although it is now politically incorrect to refer to someone engaging in homosexual acts as a pervert, that is nonetheless the truth of the matter. Homosexuality is a perversion because there can be no procreation through homosexual acts. Despite political correctness, this seems apparent to most people.

But homosexual activity is not the only common perversion people engage in today. Sadly, around 90% of Catholics regularly engage in sexual perversion. Don't believe it? Let's see if I can prove it.

As we stated near the beginning, the two sexes of the human body and its human nature is so designed by God to cooperate with Him for the transmission of human life. Indeed, the very first commandment He ever gave to the human race was to be fruitful and multiply (Genesis 1:28). This isn't something he gave humans as a suggestion, as we see in Genesis 38:1–10. Just as God wiped out the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah for the perversions of the people there, so too did He kill Onan for his sexual perversion of not being open to the transmission of human life.

It is indeed a sexual perversion to practice artificial contraception. What does that make a practitioner of artificial contraception? You do the math.

To say it is a sexual perversion to practice artificial contraception and its adherents are perverts is a tough pill to swallow, but it merely follows the physiological model of natural law. Homosexual activity, masturbation, and artificial contraception are all three sexual perversions, and Catholics are forbidden to participate in these perversions. Not just by the Catholic Church, but by God!

Contraception is seriously sinful, and the reason it is seriously sinful is because it rejects chaste married love and defies God by wanting to increase pleasure while avoiding the God-given responsibility of procreating children. Furthermore, the irresponsible use of sex via contraception leads to a lack of respect for both sex, the marriage partner as a person, and human life. It is also a leading cause of divorce. Indeed, statistics show that over 99% of all Catholics who divorce were using artificial contraception in their marriage!

The most common artificial contraceptive is "the pill". The Pill is evil morally, ethically, and medically. It condemns women to a premature death, impedes the conception of children and destroys wife in the womb. Furthermore, use of the Pill leads people into other immoral sexual activities that lead to eternal punishment in hell.

None of this is new under the sun. From the very beginning of the Church’s inception she has taught that artificial contraception is evil. Yes, she has taught that for 2000 years! And all of the non-Catholic Christian religions taught the same thing as well, until the Anglican Lambeth Conference in 1930. So the idea that we could defy God and impede the procreation of children is not yet a hundred years old!

Sadly, many Catholics have been led to believe that artificial contraception is not a moral evil. However, the subjective belief that artificial contraception is okay in no way alters the objective reality that it is evil. In fact, two popes in the last 50 years have written encyclicals on this topic. The first was fromBlessed Pope Paul VI in 1968, and it was called Humanae Vitae. The second was written by St. Pope John Paul II in 1995, and it was called Evangelium Vitae. For less than $10 you can get both of these in encyclicals from the Daughters of St. Paul. You can buy them online ( or through the mail by writing to Daughters of St. Paul, 50 Saint Paul’s Avenue, Boston, MA 02130.

I strongly recommend reading these two in encyclicals for two very important reasons. One is, it's just a good Catholic thing to read what popes write when they are teaching. The other is, now that you have been informed as to the morality of artificial contraception, you need to get a much fuller explanation from the successors of St. Peter.

I suffer no illusions about the reaction of many of the readers of this installment. I know many of you are angry or resentful. I am sorry if I offended you, but not that I offered you the truth. If you are a practitioner of artificial contraception I sincerely hope and pray that you stop this evil practice, because this is What We Believe… Why We Believe It.

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