What to Do When Life Overwhelms You

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Ladies, I am willing to bet solid money that you have felt (at least once in your lives) the burden of being overwhelmed. If you’re a woman and you have never felt that way, please share your secrets with the class. If that sense of overwhelm seems to orchestrate your day, then you definitely need to hit reset.

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Seeing Red: What to Do When Anger Rules You

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I’m sure it has happened to all of us. Maybe you’re not feeling well, or there’s a major deadline approaching, or your preschooler just asked you the same question for the 16th time in as many minutes. Whatever it is, you’ve had just about enough. So, what do you do?

You get angry.

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Prioritizing Prayer to Make Peace

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You know that feeling. It’s the one where you are so overwhelmed with what needs to be done that you can’t think straight. The kids are whining, there are crusty dishes in your sink, there are piles of laundry everywhere, and dinner is not making itself.

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